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Friday, March 28, 2003
Georgia Power in Action
Saw this at Baseball Musings. Apparently Skip Caray and Pete Van Wieren have been switched over to radio full time. Here's the coverage from the AJC.

First, irritating as it is, this probably shouldn't be a surprise. Last year many of the Braves games were switched to Turner South and the broadcast teams often worked exclusively on either radio or t.v. but alternated from game to game which team worked where. I believe they even farmed out a game a week to Fox Sports South, which means none of the Braves announcers were involved on the t.v. side.

Second, I am thankful that they're still on the radio. I can get WSB here in Nashville, and occassionally a local station will be an affiliate and I don't have to fight the radio static. When I work my Skip Caray impersonation, among the phrases that get me in the groove are, "My good friends at Georgia Power. Georgia Power. A Southern Company." So, we'll get to hear him consistently for both games and commercials.

Third, this is the most assanine decision in the world. It is yet another sign of new baseball owners not understanding their product and the true assets in their employ. We went through this in Baltimore when Angelos hastened the departure of Jon Miller (now with the Giants), Joe Angel (now with the Marlins), and Josh Lewin (I believe was with the Cubs, but now is with the Rangers). I don't believe this was related, but we also lost Mel Proctor to the Padres from the HTS (now Comcast) broadcasts. Incidentally, I heard him a few weeks ago on ESPN GameDay with Andy Pollin and Mel Kiper. He's apparently a sports anchor in Palm Springs, waiting for a call-up.

These people are our link to the team, and our connection to them is much more intimate. We hear their voices every day for years. Often we get to see their faces. They have been the sole source of stability during free agency. And now the foundation has finally been bunker bombed. I guess this was bound to happen. Players don't stay with teams forever. And now, we'll slowly see a bunch of young, interchangeable men replace the voices that made baseball baseball. The Bucks. The Harwells. Soon the Scullys. Eventually, we'll see the ClearChannel-fication of the broadcast booth. Like the Simpsons where the boys at KBBL are going to be replaced by the computer DJ:

DJ 3000: Those clowns in congress did it again. What a bunch of clowns.
Bill: [laughs] How does it keep up with the news like that?

Burn in hell, owners.

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