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Monday, March 31, 2003
When the Generals Talk...
Is it just me, or has every day of this war been "the most intense bombing of the campaign" in Iraq? Does the counter reset at sunset? "Today was the most intense bombing of the campaign since...yesterday!" At this rate, even Malthus would have to question whether such a rate of growth is possible.

One of the costs of the continuous coverage seems to be the loss of memory in the system: everyone is so busy reporting the current press conference, updating us on what we just heard in the press conference, then reairing the press conference in case we missed it, that there's no time left--in spite of 24-hour a day coverage--to analyze what has been said. It's also fed by FOX's ability to portray, and the public's willingness to interpret, any media coverage that is at all skeptical as unpatriotic. Unpatriotic => Reduced Viewership => Unprofitable War Coverage => Scaled Back Coverage => Patriotic Coverage => Profitable War Coverage.

Also, have you noticed how much repetition of the same footage there is? For god's sake, if you can't run a three minute segment without reairing the same video footage, there's a problem. What is this, Corey Haim: The E! True Hollywood Story?

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