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Wednesday, April 16, 2003
Here I was all worked up for a long line of cars squeezing into parking lots only to find out the post office chosen would not pick up mail. What are the odds that the first post office I went to was both deserted and picking up mail at midnight? To quote my second favorite Taxi exchange (after "What does a yellow light mean?") in response to the question, "What are the odds of that?":

Jim: Gotta be fifty-fifty.

Tony: At least!

I bet if I had gone to the 24-hr post office at the airport, it'dve been happenin'.

(Ed.: You don't see much of the double contraction anymore, do you? A language pet peeve: the substitution of "of" for the contraction of "have." Ex: You should of seen that babe! Instead of (or is it "'ve"?): You should've seen that babe!)

I guess my prediction that Tax Day was like New Year's was a little too prophetic: I went home early, no swingin' party, and out before midnight. Only no Dick Clark or Hootie and the Blowfish to make the night complete.

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