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Tuesday, April 29, 2003
Hillary's New Book: A New Contest
Participation in previous contests has been slow, so I will appeal to two can't miss issues: politics and gambling.

I'm hosting a virtual office pool played for virtual money (i.e., not real). Place your virtual bets of 10 virtual dollars on the over/under for the number of times Monica Lewinsky's name is mentioned in the text Hillary Clinton's new book (i.e., excluding the T.O.C. and Index, etc.).

The winner will win the entire virtual pool or share it with others with the same bid. (Note: we will count "Monica" or "Lewinsky" or "Miss Lewinsky"; we will not count, "that intern," "that whore," or any other references to her.) Feel free to spread the news of my contest. I will post periodic updates on the distribution of the bids.

To Enter: Send me an email with your guess as to the total number of references she will make to Monica in the text.

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