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Wednesday, April 23, 2003
More 'Toons, Updates
In my never ending quest to keep you up to date on fun web animation, here's Mark Fiore's page at the Village Voice.

I sent my first New Yorker cartoon submissions ever. I'm checking the mailbox daily for my rejection.

Also, I haven't forgotten about the David Cross review. However, I just bought Dave Attell and am thinking about doing a compare and contrast review. Probably won't be until next Tuesday (4/29). And, for the details on my drive-in story, check back on 5/6.

In fact, let's make that my goal: I'll continue my regular posts, but, as a procrastinator, I need a deadline. So, I'll make Tuesdays my deadline day for longer, more article-like posts.

(Whew, just bought myself some time to get my reviews done. You don't think the readers know that bargaining and negotiating are key delaying strategies of the procrastinator, do you? Nyah!)

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