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Friday, May 09, 2003
Baby Names
This post at USAToday lists the most common baby names for 2002. You can look at trends over time at this site. What's funny to notice over the past decade is the rise in the number of traditional biblical names. Lots of Daniel, Joshua, and the insurgent Jacob alongside traditional stuff like Matthew. Is this a sign of resurgent religiosity in America? On the girls side, the only few I can see are Hannah, Rachel, and Sarah.

I'm also surprised how few Williams there are. I thought this was an anti-Clinton thing, too, but William hasn't been on the top-10 names list since 1975 (except a tie for 10th in 1991). In fact, several very English names seem to be declining over this time (Christopher, Andrew, James, Elizabeth). Weird. Perhaps people are using the common names (e.g., listing Chris rather than Christopher) when filing.

I'd love for SSA to post a list of the 10 least common names. What are the names that only 1 person in the entire U.S. had? Or, the 10 most common names after adjusting for homonyms (e.g., DeJuan, DaJuan, Dewon, Dwon).

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