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Thursday, May 08, 2003
I've Got Ass to Kiss, Cha-Cha
When the hell did Dennis Miller become the court jester for the United States of Fascism? Watching him the past nine months or so, including this week on the Tonight Show (I confess, I switched briefly from Dave to watch DM), is painful. The guy's about as subtle as a Hallmark commercial. I was always a fan of his on SNL, on his specials, and even to a degree on his HBO show, though I seldom watched because HBO's too expensive in these parts.

I'm frustrated with him not because of his content so much. I disagree with it, but I can laugh at liberals as easily as most. I guess what bothers me is his comic perspective. I've always thought of comedy as being anti-establishment and anti-authority. Even when groups are out of power, it can still be anti-authority as most groups still have some hierarchical, orthodox position to be ridiculed. Perhaps that is just coincidence. But, to me, there's nothing particularly funny about making fun of the weak and downtrodden. Venal, yes. Funny, no.

"Have you seen all these homeless people? This homeless guy comes up to me and says, 'Change.' I'm like, 'Sure.' So, I flip the collar up on my Izod shirt, put on some Vuarnets, jauntily toss my sweater around my shoulders, peg my chinos, and put on some deck shoes. I look like the centerfold of the Official Preppy Handbook. Get yourself a suit and a shower, alright? This guy looks like he hasn't seen running water since the Carter Administration. He thinks Grizzly Adams is a male supermodel for god's sake. Are you telling me this guy can't get a job? His odor alone should get him a taxi medallion. Somebody get Ashcroft on the horn and deport this shit-smelling fuck back to France!"

I guess that's the thing that bothers me. The humor is so self-serving. It's not just that he's picking on somebody. It's that the humor is about his ability to out-smart and out-reference the audience. I've got my own elitist streak, and I get a kick out of catching the references, trying to keep up with him and his staff of writers. But, that can't provide any lasting enjoyment. It's like going on a diet of condiments. I loves me some condiments, but chugging salsa just isn't good nutrition.

That said, Mr. Miller, can I get a job on your staff?

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