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Tuesday, May 06, 2003
According to Lee Sinnis, of the The Sabermetric Baseball Encyclopedia, the baseball players union has proposed adding 2 more wild cards and giving first round byes to the top 2 teams.

Since playoff games are where the real money is at, I say we make every game a playoff game. Heck, these players try really hard. Sure, they're paid a lot money, but, gosh darn it, they love this game, too. To play 162 games, that takes real courage. But, year after year, teams play 162 games and are discarded like a Jack-in-the-Box wrapper. We need to do what we can to honor the valiant efforts of these players.

But, if they can't do it for the players, they should at least do it for the fans. The fans deserve to see playoff calibre teams every time they go to the ballpark. They're the ones that pay those salaries through those crazy ticket prices and parking fees and outrageously priced concessions. Not to mention those stadiums they finance through PSLs and municipal bonds and property taxes. I mean, if they're going to pay for all these things, don't they deserve to have the best? And isn't the best defined by being in the playoffs and having a chance to win the World Series? I mean, who's going to want to come see these games if they're just going to contribute to "statistics" on the pages of some book or website or cd that you can order from Lee Sinnis?

We must stop devaluing the game by reducing it to numbers and take account of the feelings of the players and the fans. Let's make everybody happy and give every team a chance!!!

Also, isn't the All-Star Game just a little bit elitist? I mean, who are you or I to say who the best 25 or 30 or 32 players are in the game from each league. It's so subjective. You have your criteria, like on-base percentage and slugging percentage and runs saved above average; and, I have my criteria, like the depth of each player's soul, how much they give back to the community, and their need, nay right, to feel love and support and respect from their family and friends. Who's to say one of us is right and one of us is wrong? Everybody should make the All-Star team, just like they do on my son's little league baseball team. Sure, we may have to add a few extra players to the field, but who wouldn't want to see All-Star calibre players like Oakland's Terrence Long playing Deep-Right-Center and batting 14th for the AL, or the DBacks' Quinton McCracken playing Shallow-Left-Field-Foul Territory and batting 18th for the NL?

It's time that MLB start doing something for its players and the fans!!!

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