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Saturday, May 10, 2003
What Does the HR Department Do?
I was reading-up on this article about the NYTimes journalist who is accused of falsifying and plagiarizing many of his articles. Among the notable deceptions is that the New York Times hired him on the assumption that he had graduated from Maryland. Apparently, he never actually graduated.

I'm wondering whether anybody ever reviews resumes. I certainly wonder whether the people to whom I've sent my resume this year ever looked at it. I suppose somebody does because we often learn that so-and-so never graduated or never earned the particular degree listed, usually after the person has been employed there for several years. How hard is it to track this stuff down? Why can't these departments figure it out? What's amazing though is that often these liars are quite successful on the job, which raises the question, what the hell is the value of the degree in the first place?

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