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Wednesday, July 02, 2003
Legit Pub
Less than a week after my latest Slant article, I am proud to say I finally have an accepted publication in my "real" job. I just got notice that an article I wrote will appear in a future issue of Psychiatric Services. Yippee! Not going to win article of the year, but it's a publication that counts.

Meanwhile, I realized I haven't updated you on my new fish. Some of you may recall that I got a couple of Wal-Mart goldfish, one who died in a day, the other who died eight days later. Well, a buddy of mine is a recovering-aquarium owner, and he got me a replacement guppy setup: live plants, 3 guppies, and a crab. We added a snail and an extra little plant. Probably way too crowded, but everyone's alive after a week. I have a male, a female, and a teen female. I know, my male fish has the life we aspire to. I guess he shall be named Maxim. If you have name suggestions for the crab, snail, and girl fish mail them in.

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