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Friday, July 11, 2003
A Weasel by Any Other Name...
Looks like the Bush administration is having trouble managing the fallout (ha-ha) of the falsified uranium intelligence he cited in this year's state of the union address. At first it was Condi passing the blame to the CIA, but now the president is saying it himself. So much for responsibility and accountability. The president's speechwriters and policy team were looking to make the most powerful case possible and called in every possible violation to tip world and American opinion in their favor. That the CIA did not strike it from the speech does not make it the CIA's fault. When the administration has a pretty clear "in" group that is allowed to contribute, it is not a stretch for those on the outside to feel like they do not have a voice. The CIA had already rated the info as suspect, but the writers ignored it. Why wouldn't a team on the outside figure the administration had made up its mind and wasn't looking for substantive changes? And what good does speaking up do? Ask the FBI field agents who spoke up about flight training programs pre-9/11 what good it did.

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