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Thursday, September 18, 2003
I'm actually not riding quite as high as I just posted because I just spent the past 30 minutes driving figure-8s around the block looking for street parking. You see, there's a fair bit of free 2-hr parking in the neighborhood, and they don't check very often, so it's cheaper to pay parking tickets for a year than to buy a parking permit for work, where sometimes you end up parking even further away than if you parked on the street. Yes, I'm a cheap bastard.

But today it seems the rest of campus was onto my game. And now I'm going to stop it. No, I'm not buying a sticker. Instead, I'm cutting some off-white card stock, typing some random numbers and letters on it, and placing it on the windshield of about 7 cars. This may not deter the people who get the fake tickets (they'll see they're not tickets), but it may scare them a little. More importantly, it will deter people who walk or drive by from staying too long the next day.

Yes, I think Poker Nation has gotten into my wiring. All I need is a dose of Ayn Rand, and I'll be set.

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