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Thursday, September 04, 2003
Upcoming Plans
Greetings all. I'm headed to Austin for my first freelance writing gig for the Tennessean. Yes, their standards have reached heretofore unimagined lows with my arrival. I'll fill you all in on details after I get back so I don't jinx myself.

In the meantime, you can amuse yourselves with this article from USAToday about CD prices and reminisce about my previous entries on downloads: ipods and albums and digital movies. I include these not because they are relevant to CD prices, but because it seems obligatory in blogs to reference your own work. I'm slowly learning...

Is anybody looking forward to this NFL Kickoff crap? I think the NFL has misunderstood the male demographic. We don't want to see, much less hear, Britney Spears sing. We want to see her humping Lisa Guerrero on the sidelines. After her fling with Madonna at the VMAs, we expect nothing less.

Actually, if they were smart they'd have a pregame show set in a Las Vegas casino talking to oddsmakers. In fact, this will be the subject of a future column. One of my favorite aspects of the football season is listening to radio gambling shows/advertisements. Have you heard these? On Saturday mornings, in lieu of original programming, the sports radio station plays hour-long infomercials for a sports handicapping service in the style of a typical radio show talking football. They're the best. My favorite moment last year was when they guaranteed the winner on the coin flip in the Super Bowl. Since they were wrong, I'm sure the guarantee amounts to some sort of automatic payout that you are free to lose on some other wager. Very entertaining alternative to Car Talk.

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