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Wednesday, October 15, 2003
I forgot to comment on the Yankees-Red Sox Game 3 feudin' and a fussin'. Tell me, is Don Zimmer the father of wrestling legend George "The Animal" Steele? You can learn more about The Animal at his website.

As for the Cubs, I point you back to this fake article I posted, predicting the demise of the Cubs and Sox.

The first indication of trouble was Bernie Mac singing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game." Not what he did during the song, but because of who he is. Yes, he's a Chicago native, but he's a White Sox guy! I don't care if his show's on FOX, you can't do that! You're just begging the Fates to slap you down. And then to top it off with "the Champs" instead of "the Cubbies?" They deserve the failure.

I'm not mad at the fan, but I will always have that picture of Moises Alou jumping in the air and grimacing after realizing what had happened. That should be the cover of next week's Sports Illustrated, whatever happens this weekend.

What I can't get over is Baker not being ready. Even if you plan to let Prior pitch the complete game, why not have somebody up? What does it cost anybody?

What really got me though was this feeling that I had to go through the whole next day to get to Game 7 thinking about how close they were and how spectacularly they imploded. Maybe they'll get lucky and have a rainout.

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