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Thursday, October 02, 2003
Great Wall of Flab
I've been at Vanderbilt for about 11 years now. I go out to eat most every day for lunch. Burger This, Pizza That. Every now and again in a quest for variety and a hope agasint hope that the food is finally better, I'll peak my head into a Chinese restaurant down the block. Apparently others have shared my opinion because it is always just crowded enough to keep from shuttering the business.

I stopped in today on a lark and saw that they had implemented a buffet style service in place of the traditional menu (though the menu is still available). The place was packed like I've never seen. It's intriguing to me that a place where the food is not good enough to attract customers suddenly becomes popular because you can get all you can eat of it. There's a reason we're the fattest country in the world.

Actually, their food has been improving in the past year under new ownership, but the buffet has attracted enough people who will discover the food is finally a above the culinary Mendoza line.

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