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Tuesday, October 14, 2003
How Novel? A Library People Would Go To
Here's an interesting story on a new public library in Salt Lake City. I applaud the idea of rethinking what a library can be. I also like that I don't feel compelled to purchase any of the items, like I would if I stood around Barnes & Noble reading the latest magazines or several chapters of books that I have no intention of buying.

However, I'm not sure I want to see all noise standards disappear. I've been to some newer and, inevitably, more liberal libraries where the floors are all tile (or pseudo-tile) and the acoustics amplify all noise in the building: kids crying, teens chatting, cell phones chiming, metal book carts rolling and hitting every groove in the floor. While most library tasks don't require silence, it would be nice to know there was some place to work quietly. They probably have some rooms off to the side, but of course all the publicly usable items are in the noise-jungle. Is industrial carpet too much to ask? Or inside voices? Maybe I'm just getting old and unfun.

Speaking of which, Wednesday is my birthday. Feel free to email me your birthday wishes.

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