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Thursday, October 23, 2003
In the News
I love to see Wal-Mart get busted. I got in a fight with an ex-girlfriend over immigration issues, which tells you something about what an odd relationship it was. We were both very Anglo, but she was from Arizona, and I wasn't, so obviously she knew better than me. I kind of pissed her off by saying that if having too many immigrants was a problem for state resources, then perhaps a federal solution would be to offer financial incentives to move them into the rest of the country. Send them to North Dakota or Kansas or Vermont or whatever. Spread the burden to the other states and avoid the problems of excessive crowding into border towns/states. I think I made it a little more Draconian than that just to piss her off. It was just that kind of relationship.

But, I also had suggested to her that the real problem was that corporations and the well-to-do were responsible for the problem because they were profiting from paying below market rates to people not eligible to work in the country legally. Some people object to immigrants because they take jobs away from Anglos. I object to the exploitation of labor and paying below market rates.

Actually, I have been meaning to write for a while about Wal-Mart's media campaign to taint future jury pools in sex discrimination cases against the firm. I've noticed a lot of radio ads featuring women in management positions speaking directly about how they had such great opportunities for advancement and how it's such a great place to work. Of course, this goes directly to the substance of pending litigation brought by female employees that women systematically were denied access to information about available managment positions, passed over for promotions, and often had to attend official store meetings at Hooters. I'm not sure how this is legal. Maybe Tennessee is not one of the states covered by the suit, but I think they're national spots.

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