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Wednesday, December 03, 2003
More Me in Print
O.k., so it's just a letter to the editor, but it's fun: me complaining about the incredible disappearing Brezny's Real Astrology column.

Update: Ah, crap! Didn't realize this was another self-updating link. Below is the text I sent them:
I just wanted to take a quick moment to let you know that the Brezny's Real Astrology is still being printed in a readable font size. Granted, I am young and have to squint a little, but the letters are in fact decipherable and can be grouped into words and sentences.

I know how important reducing the prominence of this column has been to the Scene, so I would hate for you to think you had made the column unreadable when you hadn't. You may not know this, but I have been firmly behind the Scene's continued efforts to reduce the prominence of this column, from shifting the column from the main text into the classifieds, to the tendency to place it on the fold so that readers can't find the column just by thumbing through the paper, to the reduced newsprint acreage and fonts.

Since you are doing such a good job de-emphasizing this column already, I hesitate to offer advice. I wouldn't want to mess up the master plan. But what the heck, it's the season of giving, right? Have you investigated using disappearing ink? That probably seems drastic, but you could acclimate readers to the change over the next several months by passing out secret decoder pens, perhaps sponsored by some of your advertisers! Or maybe Brezny should transmit the horoscopes by sign language--true believers will feel the vibrations in the astral plane anyway--freeing you to sell all of the page as advertising.

Just some friendly suggestions. Keep up the great work!

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