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Monday, February 09, 2004
Don't Mind Me
Hey, I'm just in here cleaning up links. Only Baseball Matters has been redesigned, and it looks like John is back in the blogging business, if spending free time writing about stuff for no pay can be called much of a business. I missed him down the stretch last year. We love snarky commentary on the Giants, enough that we can forgive his sad defenses of Pete Rose.

I'd like to write about the Democratic primary coming to Tennessee, seeing as how I'm expected to vote tomorrow. At this point, I'm still kind of undecided. I'm tempted to vote against Kerry just out of spite for all the bandwagon people. But, that doesn't say who to vote for.

I guess Dean could get a sympathy vote, and heck, the guy is still second in delegates, even if he has zero chance of getting beyond fourth here. Not that he has no support, it's just that he has no support outside of the "creative class" folks who work at Vanderbilt and related creative industries. It's funny, Kerry could win in Tennessee and I have not seen a single Kerry sticker or sign anywhere. He does have a few t.v. ads, as do Clark and Edwards. Clark has earned my enmity by push-polling against Dean last month.

Edwards...I still don't understand the appeal. His commercials aren't too bad, even if he misses the obvious rhetorical opportunity to capitalize on his "2 Americas" idea: obviously, it should follow that he will help make us "one nation" and let people fill in the allusions to the pledge of allegiance. Instead he has some wordy nonsense that detracts from the message.

I don't know, I guess I'll just have to wait until 2008 so I can finally put an end to my indecision and start writing myself in as a candidate.

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