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Wednesday, February 11, 2004
I Feel So Cheap
Well, the TN primary is over, and justice prevailed in the case of Gen. Clark. Still, I don't see any evidence of huge support for Kerry. I confess there's a huge sampling problem as I don't come into contact with too many folks during the day outside of my normal corridor from home to office and back again. But, there's definitely more anti-war paraphernalia about Nashville than for any particular candidate; and what little candidate support there was, it was Clark by a lot. Perhaps there is this huge correlation between people's voting preferences and their willingness to decorate their cars/advertise their voting preferences. Certainly the Bush folks have no qualms sporting Bush-Cheney stickers, even on their Escalades and Hummers; the Clark folks didn't have too much problem either. This would be an interesting study: predicting voting patterns by type and model of car. Perhaps someone's already done it. I'll get back to you on this.

Still, why do I feel cheap? Because I went ahead and voted for Edwards instead of Dean on a purely strategic basis. I rationalized this because Dean made a strategic decision not to contest Tennessee, so I figured he would not mind if I opted not to vote for him. Since it looks like Edwards has the best chance to be #2, I figured I'd keep him in the game a little longer. Still, I would like myself better if I had voted my true preference (i.e., for myself).

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