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Thursday, February 26, 2004
More Funnies

Bush Selects San Jacinto C.C. For Presidential Library
The White House announced that San Jacinto Community College will be home to the George W. Bush Presidential Library upon completion of his term in office.

"The president is pleased to show his commitment to the nation's two-year community and technical colleges through this enterprise," said White House spokesman Scott McClellan. "He could think of no better place than the greater Houston metroplex."

The collection will house artifacts, film, photographs, and documents from Bush's tenure as president. Also included will be a collection of MP3 files of the president's daily audio briefings prepared by his staff of advisers and administration officials and some John Grisham books-on-tape. It is unclear whether the president will part with his dog-eared copies of Madonna's children's books and prized night-light collection. "We'll be in on-going negotiations with the president," said the library's curator Archibald T. Winslow.

A team of administration officials will review material before sending it to Houston for the collection. "We will do our due dilligence to excise all material related to national security, particularly those where the president's actions or inactions jeopardized it," said McClellan. Assistant Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz will supervise this effort. He has appointed conservative talk show host Lt. Col. (Ret.) Oliver North to handle day-to-day operations.

Mr. Bush will be the third president to choose Texas to host his presidential library. Lyndon Johnson's papers are housed at the University of Texas in Austin, and George H.W. Bush's at Texas A&M in College Station.

Houston and Harris County leaders are very excited to host the library, which will be housed at San Jacinto's central campus in Pasadena. "In these trying economic times, it is not often we can get somebody of the president's stature to rent 1000 square feet of space," said Houston Mayor Bill White. "This will really class-up the Fairmont Parkway Shopping Center."

The shopping center is currently anchored by a 7-11 convenience store and a pawn shop. The library will take over the lease of DeShaun's Beauty Salon.

"We haven't been able to keep a store in there for more than eight months," said Ramon Guttierrez, property manager for the shopping center. "Maybe this presidential thingy will stick around for a while. They just better not be expecting me to come out here every freaking day just because some mold is growing on the walls or the air conditioning is busted."

"We look forward to having a library of any kind on campus again," said Dr. Dr. Monte Blue, president of San Jac-Central. "It's kind of ironical how the president cut the funding for our current library when he was governor. I guess he knew he would be giving back to the community down the road. We really appreciate it."

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