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Sunday, February 08, 2004
Well, my article on Burger King Betty made it to print and beat out folks at the Nashville Scene and Nashville City Paper for the "where is she now?" story. Here is the link to my article in the Tennessean.

Also, if you caught the president on Meet the Press this morning. Yikes, what a disaster! I thought it would be terrible after Russert let him off the hook with the very first question, but he rallied to put the president on the spot several times. Of course, it's not clear how his performance matters. People who like him will see it as reinforcing his strength, and people who hate him will see it as reinforcing his stupidity. I guess there's some play at the margins. I'd say on balance it had to hurt him, but he avoided a complete meltdown when hit with the stray unanticipated question. Not by much (e.g., "Was it worth the 567 American lives?"), but by enough. It would seem there's plenty of fresh fodder for the Democrats now.

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