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Tuesday, March 09, 2004
'90s Back?
I just heard an ad on the radio for a 90's special on E! tonight, and it appears Mo Rocca will be hosting a "I Love the 90's" show on VH1. Have we already cycled back to the grunge era? I'm not sure we've fully processed the '80s yet, and we still have a current of '70s running (e.g., Starsky & Hutch).

Another sign of the '90s returning? Singles is in rotation on the Saturday and Sunday afternoon movies. I remember being slightly disappointed in this Cameron Crowe flick, but watching it again I forgave its problems for the great soundtrack filled with Paul Westerberg and Soundgarden, seeing all the Mudhoney t-shirts, and watching Pearl Jam watch nature shows in Matt Dillon's apartment. My favorite line in the whole move now is, "Remember, we're loved in Belgium and in Italy." With the emphasis on and. What a fun little role.

Also, welcome to the folks from Aaron's Baseball Blog who followed links through his column on Value Over Replacement Shows to his rant against Leno to my dissection of the Letterman v. Leno battles. As a post-script on that, it seems Dave has essentially conceded defeat lately by referencing Leno in his Top 10 lists.

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