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Monday, May 10, 2004
More TV Observations
Tomorrow I should hit the 30 lbs. lost barrier. My BMI has dropped from 33.4, or officially obese, to 29.6, which is merely overweight. I'll post more on this after I crossover. I'm thinking I could be under 220 lbs before going home for my sister's graduation.

But first, some Sunday t.v. observations.

  • Survivor: Not much shock at the outcome. More importantly though, why has Amber apparently sought fashion and hair advice from Courtney Love's stylist? Maybe she should stick with the stringy, oily look. It's amazing the difference a tan makes. I need to keep that in mind for my weight loss.

    The person who cleaned up best was Jenna L., though most of that transformation comes from hair straightening and a good makeup artist.

    Poor Jerri. Who knew she would become an activist for reality participants' rights and dignity? More importantly, will this jeopardize a future Playboy appearance, or does this mean she'll have to settle for Penthouse?

    Poor Hatch. Props to Probst for talking to Richard about his new love, an Argentinian man, but bollocks to CBS for not getting a camera on his lover, the only person whose friends and family were referenced but not shown in the audience.

  • Wacchovia Golf Tournament: I'm on the treadmill watching the final round, and two things hit me. First, the closed captioning person at CBS seemed to be having significant problems. Lots of missing characters or blocked out characters. Maybe s/he changed the font to Wingdings2.

    Second, at the conclusion of the 72 holes, we had a tie between Sindelar and Oberholser. They have to replay 18 as the first hole of a sudden death playoff. So, the cameras get in position, and what do I see? Oberhoelser getting off of a golf cart that has apparently carried him to the tee. So, I guess all that argument against Casey Martin was bullshit just like I thought. Sure, he walked the 72 holes (and the subsequent 2 playoff holes), but he didn't walk to the start of each hole, and the competition is not over until the match is decided. I've sent my question to the PGA, maybe I'll get an answer and post it.

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