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Thursday, August 12, 2004
Call me a pessimist, but I believe we can now call New Jersey "in play" for 2004 (and all the borderline southern states to boot), with Bush now likely to take it, and I believe Gov. McGreevey has assured us a second Bush term, barring some counter-revelation. I just think anti-gay bias in New Jersey--not to mention anti-over-sexed-politician and anti-sex-for-job-favoritism bias (where was McGreevey during the Clinton administration?)--will become anti-Democrat bias, which will all carry over onto the Kerry-Edwards ticket. (I'd be curious if there were any polls are in the field at the time of the announcement, and if they can split pre-post announcement results.) Also, I expect the Republicans will be able to turn this into a Willie Horton ad. And having his resignation for Nov. 15? Is he trying to fuck them up? If you're going to take a hit, get out fast for god's sake. At least get out before the convention.

Maybe I'm just over-reacting in the heat of the moment, but, then again, that's what blogging is for. Also, after seeing my first Bush ads in New York City, I have to give them props for production values and effectiveness of the message. Hell, if you didn't have an opinion on the guy beforehand, it'd sure push you his way.

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