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Tuesday, August 03, 2004
Running Behind
A hectic weekend. First, here is the Darrell Hammond link I promised. When it expires, I'll post the original version that corrects some odd editorial tweaks that were made.

Second, I eventually made it to Wrigley Field in order to see Maddux's first attempt at 300. After the two home runs, Maddux really settled into a great groove. Unfortunately, the Cubs managed to put their rally together an inning too late. Even more unfortunate, Sosa butchered an easy single to right into an unearned run which led to Maddux's exit after 6 innings. It's insane that he can make some decent diving and sliding catches yet has problems picking up the ball. I'm sure he was thinking too far ahead worrying about the throw to the plate than getting the ball. Just sickening to watch it happen. Almost as sickening as if I were a Phillies fan watching the team waste 6 great innings from Wolf and Bowa let Wolf implode in the 7th. (Lee Smith led the 7th Inning Stretch.)

Apparently I missed the real post-game excitement: three hours after the game, a 25-year-old guy fell onto the tracks at the Addison L stop and electrocuted himself.

A power outage of some type on the Orange line marred the trip into Chicago. CTA, to its credit, got us all on buses to a stop further up the line where we could resume the trip. The irksome thing is CTA announced the problem after we left the station and before the first (and now last) stop of the run. If I had known of the problem, I would have gotten off and trudge back through the garage to get a cab. The bad thing about those weird outer southwest suburb stops is that they're not exactly overrun with taxis. So, I rode the bus, finished the Orange line, went to transfer to the Red Line when I got irritated and finally decided to cab it the rest of the way since I was now looking at 60 minutes to game time and faced another Red Line trip up to Addison. I made it in time to see the first pitch, but I missed Rollins' home run on the second pitch as I found my seat.

The game was still memorable as the first with Nomar. The crowd stood and cheered for each at-bat, even after starting off 0-3, including a leadoff GIDP. I guess RBI singles after you're ahead 5-3 still count.

In addition to updates on the job search and a recap of my comedy adventures at The Second City and ImprovOlympic, I'll post a review of the new Millenium Park in the coming days, too.

Next up on the travels: NYC and a visit to the UCBTheatre.

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