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Friday, August 27, 2004
You Can't Describe How You Feel? How Shocking!
I can't complain too much about the Olympics coverage, mostly because I haven't watched a whole lot of it. Having a job, vacationing in a disaster area, and not having cable have interfered with my t.v. quota.

The one thing I have gotten tired of is post-race interviews which ask, "How does it feel to have (won/lost/finaled/finished/lost your limb)?" and other variations thereon, to which the response is always: "You know, I just can't really describe it." Why should we expect people that make their living doing something physical to demonstrate a similar verbal dexterity about their emotional state? Maybe someday we'll just be able to run them through a brain scanner and look at what emotional centers are activated. Then we'll know what they're feeling! Or, at least, where and how they are feeling it. Can we replace them with trained psychologists at least?

Olympic interviewers are no worse than the other journalistic disasters (e.g., local t.v. reporters, sports sideline reporters, me), but it's time we or the networks develop a penalty system, fining reporters who ask such ridiculously stupid, open-ended questions. Or make a drinking game out of it, whichever is easier.

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