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Monday, September 27, 2004
Back for More
Hey, I'm back for a bit. Kind of overloaded with "what am I doing with my life" questions over whether to take this job in NY. Leaning towards going, but not 100% committed.

On the bright side, some new freelance stuff may be in the offing come January.

On the campaign, I have the following suggestion for the Kerry-Edwards ad team. Try the slogan, "This is Success?" in t.v. ads, with an avalanche of negative images of the past 4 years (sans 9/11), including Abu Ghraib, snapshots from the beheadings (pre-beheading), newspaper headlines with "no WMD" and job layoffs and deficit rising, GAO reports about the secret energy meetings, the Medicare Rx boondoggle, etc. Then cut to, "I can't think of any mistakes I've made" from that press conference. Then some happy music showing Kerry-Edwards, a brief v.o. of how they will lead America forward (blah-blah), and the slogan, "This is SUCCESS!"

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