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Thursday, September 30, 2004
Decision '04
Alright, the perseverating is over: I've decided to stay in Nashville and pass up the job in NYC. I decided finishing the Ph.D. is too important not to do. Even a chronic procrastinator has to finish eventually, right? A procrastinator who doesn't finish is just a loser, and I don't need that.

While I will be staying, it will mean a whole bunch of changes here to reorganize my life around getting finished. We'll see where blogging ends up in the sorting process, but for now, it's still o.k. because I haven't made my lists yet.

So, onto that other campaign...I think the best I can hope for is that Kerry's performance over the past few weeks has been so uniformly awful that by being even marginally better than he has been the perception will be that he has done tremendously, giving him a boost in the buzz factor. If I get greedy, maybe he will have actually improved his speaking style and clarity. Sadly, I think we're likely to see a reinforcement of everyone's perceptions. Sigh.

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