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Thursday, September 09, 2004
When I'm the All-Being, Master of Time, Space and Dimension*...
I will do away with GEICO advertisements. The sheer volume of ads, on both t.v. and radio, is obnoxious enough; but, to have such a variety of shitty ads is overwhelming.

I wonder if this is a Tennessee thing, because in addition to GEICO, the next most common set of ads is for 1-800-Safe-Auto, followed by Direct Insurance. I know Tennessee only recently mandated universal car insurance, but's like televised spam.

Rapidly rising the charts of advertising annoyance, however, is the Tennessee Lotto's new Cash 5 game, featuring Elvis impersonators singing an Elvis-inspired lottery jingle. Happy for the jingle industry, but ready to decapitate myself to spare myself from further exposure.

* Courtesy: Mr. Steve Martin.

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