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Thursday, October 21, 2004
Miserable Sad
Changing your life is incredibly difficult, especially when the change involves somebody you love and care about. So now I find myself having to adapt to my new commitment to graduation and focusing on my life in Nashville without the most important part of my life there to support, encourage, and guide me. And it's all my fault because I chose to pursue this path. It's damned hard not to pick up the phone and call, not to reflexively make mental notes of things to tell her later tonight, not to wonder how her day is going. So, I still do the latter two things and fight the urge to call or email. The immediate future looks long and sad.

In "silver lining" news , I started my area paper (a prelude to my dissertation proposal and dissertation). I have a new "2 hours or 2 pages" rule: I have to write at least 2 hours or until I add 2 pages of text to the area paper. Two days in, I've got 4 pages written. I've also set aside a 30 min block to type in or download citations to my bibliography. These are not huge amounts of time obviously, but lately I've been working on the Grand Canyon theory of accomplishment (i.e., epochal erosion yields natural wonder).

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