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Thursday, October 07, 2004
Visionary Stern
I was listening to the local sports talk radio here, and they mentioned that NBC will institute a 5-second delay on NASCAR races starting this week. This got me thinking about Howard Stern's move to Sirius. I wonder what will be left of broadcast t.v. and radio in 10 years.

If I were NBC (or one of the other networks), I might try expanding into the premium cable or satellite t.v./radio markets. First, the network can use it to develop experimental shows relatively free from "taste" issues regarding nudity, swearing, etc. Second, people who are interested in realistic or adult-focused programming are willing to pay to avoid the PAX-ification of primetime and sports lineups. The network can recoup its development costs through subscriber fees. Third, the nets can use these shows as a source of content for the flagship station (e.g., sanitize a show from the satellite world and rebroadcast for the masses a la Queer Eye's treatment with its Bravo purchase), or use the satellite as an outlet for repurposing shows from the flagship (e.g., air "Joey" thousands of times until enough people have been exposed).

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