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Friday, October 01, 2004
A War Worth Winning?
No, not Iraq--the presidency. While I thought Kerry summarily trounced the president (not that he was perfect, just immeasurably superior), it occurred to me: why in god's name does he want to stick himself with this cluster fuck in Iraq? Unless he can get the rest of the world to participate and deliver on all the things that need to happen to succeed over ther--which looks fairly impossible no matter who wins the election--all that can happen is for Kerry and the Democrats to get the blame for everything wrong: It may be impossible to win even if he gets all the support of the world, so he looks inept as a leader for not winning; if he can't get everyone together and we lose Iraq, he didn't deliver on his promise to bring in the world, etc.

Now, maybe they could out-Rove the Republicans in the coming year (i.e., blame it on the predecessor), but I doubt they could make it work. Maybe Bush needs to win so that things get even worse over there to improve the Democrats' chances in 2008. A rather tarnished silver lining in a Bush victory.

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