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Monday, November 22, 2004
And in South Carolina
John Feinstein recommended on NPR this morning that Clemson and South Carolina refuse their bowl invitations for their brawl Saturday, which is ostensibly blamed on the NBA fight of the preceding night.
News Flash: Al-Qaeda blames 9/11 on overpaid NBA players!

There's no bleeping way they will do it. Too much money, and no university president will punish its alumni. What I wonder though is what punishment they will mete out on the players, who they have little interest in protecting. My guess is that some of them will be barred from the game and have their scholarships revoked starting next semester.

Update: Well, I guess I was wrong for a change: both withdrew from bowl consideration. I'm still curious to see what happens to the players. And, I'm especially curious to see what that means for some of the smaller schools/non-money conferences, whether they'll suddenly get to go to some better bowls.

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