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Wednesday, November 10, 2004
Missed Opportunities
If you look at the electoral map by county (e.g., this week's Newsweek, this page from the LATimes), you will see that most of the blue areas in the South run along the lower (and upper) Mississippi River and the Ohio. While these may reflect racial patterns, I doubt it explains all the support. I maintain, as I have argued previously, that Kerry and the DNC missed a chance by not fighting in these areas. If Kerry wins Arkansas (6 electoral votes) and Louisiana (9), it's a 30-point swing, making it Bush 271, Kerry 267. That's spitting distance, without even considering Missouri. I guess the question is, could he still have won the Great Lakes states while working the lower Mississippi into his campaign? I'd wager that he could have, but it's too late to worry about now.

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