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Tuesday, November 16, 2004
Three More Options?
Revealing my mid-Atlantic biases, I wonder about three other potential successors:
  • Sen. George Allen (VA): has the party bona fides, but is in the same Democratic governor situation as Frist.
  • Sen. Rick Santorum (PA): I still marvel at how Tim Robbins imagined much of this guy in Bob Roberts before he existed. Another Democratic governor though. (Do yourself a favor and watch it. You'll forever be sitting there going, "He's in this? And she's in this?")
  • Gov. Bob Ehrich (MD): fortunately I haven't had to live in my home state under his governorship and learned first-hand how execrable he is, but he seems like W's kind of guy--somebody to play golf with and speak in trite, conservative, jingoistic soundbites. He also has history going for him (and we have it against us) in Maryland's previous VP, Spiro Agnew.

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