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Friday, June 03, 2005
Here is the latest news about Robert:
  • Most recent freelance article for the Tennessean about a family's kick ass basement.
  • Still on the triathlon routine. Settling in at 195. The weight lifting is going o.k.
  • I ran for the first time since the half-marathon, and my foot seemed to hold out o.k. I only did 5 min. walk/5 min. run alternating for about 35 min., but it's a start. I felt like I could go longer, faster; but, patience seems a good strategy for now.
  • I still feel like I'm swimming with gunshot wounds to my shoulders, but today I actually didn't feel terrible. I can see my sets getting faster on the clock, and doing 10 200's today I wasn't thinking, "Jesus, if I just could get to 150 I'd only have 50 to go," which is a nice place to be.
  • While I'm on the fine-tuning my body kick, I've decided to fork over the money to get LASIK done in July. Feels incredibly self-indulgent. I'm hoping that's it's just self-indulgent and not self-mutiliation.

Oh yeah, and my mom leaves for the Carribbean tomorrow. Note to self: Remember to call, remember to call.

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