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Wednesday, May 07, 2003
Apple Music Update
In a previous posting, I discussed the Apple's $.99 Music Store. Here's a link to another blog that talks about Apple's successful launch of its $.99 music download system. I wonder how much I'm willing to pay to have the physical artwork and liners. If an album has 10 songs, and I have to pay $16.99 at Tower (plus tax), then I'm basically having to pay $7 for packaging.

This is the bad thing--o.k., the different thing--about moving to digital music: as important as the music is, the album (now, CD) art is a central part of the experience. I guess it has diminished in importance and will continue to do so, but when I think about an album (yes, I still call them albums), my brain automatically inserts the image of the album. There's Abbey Road. And there's Are You Experienced? There's Some Girls. And there's Bruce's jeans and white t-shirt against the American flag. There's 1984. And Moving Pictures. Thriller. Synchronicity. Nevermind. You probably have your own to add to the list. I wonder what it will be like when an artist releases their music exclusively through the Internet. That will be a sad day.

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