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Tuesday, April 27, 2004
Back Again
Sorry, folks. I've been preoccupied with losing weight the past few weeks. The extra time on the treadmill has sapped so much energy, I can barely muster the strength to procrastinate, much less blog and procrastinate.

Anyway, here's the update: I've lost 21.5 pounds in the last...maybe 5 weeks. I forget exactly when I started, but I know I started at 253 or more pounds. (I didn't have what I considered an accurate scale, but I knew I was a little bigger than my heaviest when I was 252. So, I say that I was at least 253. It could've been more. I know, scary, even a 6'2".)

The secret? Walking 4 mi. on the treadmill roughly 5 days a week, and cutting back my eating to roughly 2-3 meals per day at what is roughly...1800 calories a day (with some limited reward days like a hot dog at a Predators game). I figure if a schmoe like Joe Esterhaus can walk 5 mi. a day after a lifetime of smoking and recent cancer, I can manage 4 mi. To pass the time, I watch some combo of Regis&Kelly, The View, and Ellen. This alone testifies to my endurance.

Actually, the funniest thing about the regimen has been watching these shows. Because the treadmill is so loud, I leave the sound off and use the closed captioning to read the shows. On top of the goofy spellings that you get, you also get a sense of how awful current popular music is, lyrically at least. Read the lyrics to an Alicia Keys song. It's pretty far from poetry, even if she has a good voice--I can't tell with the sound off, but she seems to be trying real damned hard, and the gals from the View like it.

My primary motivational tool has been growing out this ridiculous beard. I'm not quite in Johnny Damon territory, but I'm closer to Damon than to, say, Peter Garrett, the (now former) lead singer of Midnight Oil. When I get to my goal weight (which fluctuates every time I think about a "goal weight), I will shave it all off as the magical solution to those pesky "last 3 pounds." We'll see if it works over the long run, but for now it is working.

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