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Thursday, April 01, 2004
Liberal Competition
Within the past 10 days NPR has given the boot to Morning Edition host Bob Edwards, his last day slated for May 1. They claim a desire to freshen up the show.

I wonder whether this is not a specific reaction or anticipatory change responding to the new Air America Radio network, the lefty radio network which debuted yesterday. I've got it on right now listening to Hillary talk to Franken.

Granted, they're different kinds of nets, with ME doing news and its direct competition being the super comedian Marc Maron, who used to host a couple of shows on Comedy Central back when Comedy Central showed standup acts like music videos. Ah, the good ole days. I need to start getting into work earlier so I can listen to Lizz Winstead, too, who competes in the late morning with ME. Lizz is the creator of The Daily Show and former host of Oxygen's parody talk show, Oh 2 Be!.

I am hopeful for the network, not because of its political bent, though that helps, but because it promises to be interesting. It has great people I like (and I haven't even mentioned Chuck D or Janeane Garofolo), and it promises to replace the role the Tony Kornheiser show played in my daily routine.

Speaking of Tony's departure: I believe he's leaving because ESPN needed a show that would run on NYC, LA, and all 3 hrs in Chicago and other larger markets. He can say that it is because of the tv demands, but the fact that he's talking about returning to the radio in the near future with a local and/or satellite show tells me that he's volunteering to leave rather than trash and burn the network. I would not be surprised to see TK fill a slot on the Air America network.

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