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Wednesday, July 28, 2004
Around the Tube
I peaked at Last Comic, Big Brother, Amazing Race, Trading Spouses, and the convention.  Some quick rundowns: 
  • Last Comic: Corey Holcombe seems very funny based on his laundromat performance, but I can't understand how somebody who makes a living on tour can exude so little energy.  Of course, Ant exudes a lot of energy, but it doesn't compensate for not being especially funny.  But, if you're not going to be funny, you better at least have energy.  Also, does anybody think Jay Mohr is that funny?  I liked his little time on SNL, and he does fine as a guest and host on Jim Rome, but c'mon, his act is thinner than Mary Kate.  At least he's better than the contestants (except maybe Kathleen Madigan).
  • Amazing Race:  Came in late on this to watch people chugging caviar.  Russia didn't seem especially interesting as a challenge.  As a side note, my family doctor and his son were finalists for this edition of AR.  They took the top 12, and they made the top 16.  Not too shabby.
  • Big Brother:  I'm not watching this show anymore.  These people are stupid.
  • Trading Spouses:  Anybody else disappointed in the twist?  I was hoping, for the sake of mankind, the twist was the white lady was an actor doing a Southern "big fat obnoxious wife" routine.  Sadly, she really is that thoughtless, ignorant, and shallow.  I can't invest anymore eyeball time on this.  Even Last Comic is more interesting.
  • Convention:  Obama.   Pretty impressive.  I came in about half way through, but I'm hoping to find a video on the Internet.  First, he's a cartoonist's  wet dream, isn't he?  I mean, those ears are so huge he could be Reggie Miller's half-brother.  Second, in addition to having a natural, conversational speech style, he had a really great speechwriter putting together an impressive political ideology that bypassed the traditional liberal and conservative labels.  Big thumbs up.
  • Convention: Teresa.  Spit it out, already.  She's clearly an impressive lady, and I didn't have any majory problems, politically or rhetorically, with her speech per se.  However, you also got the sense of how rich she is, how used to being "high status" in dealing with other people she is: "I...will the pace...I choose...because rich...and for me."  Or, is that just conditioning from being a translator in which she's used to speaking only in little chunks at a time?  Either way, it's annoying to listen to when you're on the payroll, it's obnoxious when you're not.

One other update:  My Darrell Hammond article comes out Saturday.  I'll post the link then, and add some choice excerpts over the weekend or early next week from Chicago.  Also, look for a post with details on Maddux's attempt for 300.

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