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Thursday, July 29, 2004
I'm Going Down...
Finally broke under 200 lbs. a.m.  199.6 to be precise.  I can fit in size 34 pants, but more impressively, I can wear a XL t-shirt (instead of XXL or XXXL) without looking ridiculous.

More t.v. thoughts:
  • Convetion: Edwards:  A nice enough speech.  Smoother than Obama, but not as energetic.  I fear the Democrats will realize come 10:05 p.m. EDT that maybe they should have had an Edwards-Obama ticket.
  • Convention: Coverage:  I miss Doris Kearns Goodwin, but the new lady, Ellen Fitzpatrick, is decent.  I don't care for Brooks, and I'm less interested than ever in Shields.  They definitely could use some fresh blood, but at least they speak in complete sentences without shouting.  Also, as much as people may wish Obama could have made the primetime lineup on one of the networks, it probably offsets the votes they would lose having Sharpton in primetime.
  • 60 Minutes II:  Did any of you see the feature on a private foundation that operates a large bakery in New York that hires lots of ex-cons and recovering addicts?  Sounds really impressive.  Fun fact: they make the brownies that go in Ben & Jerry's ice cream, 11,000 pounds per day.
  • Scrubs:  NBC slots it at 8:30ET/7:30CT tonight.  Also, make your plans to see Garden State when it comes to your area, featuring Scrubs' Zach (J.D.) Braff.

And one of my Hammond previews is available online now.

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