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Wednesday, July 21, 2004
Random Stuff
  • Weight is now at 207.4.  Heading back in the right direction.
  • On the All-Star Game:  When will we stop pimping Muhammad Ali?  I thought it was nice to see him light the torch in Atlanta, but seriously, this is just perverse.  "Hey, a new Jiffy Lube is opening.  Get Ali!"  "What, a new Wal-Mart is opening?  Bring me Teddy Ballgame's frozen melon!"
  • Yes, I've been listening to too much Jim Rome lately.  I don't always enjoy him or the show, but I think he'd be a super replacement for Kilborn on Late, Late  Show.  What a disaster that thing is.
  • Just going over my Hammond interview notes today.  I'm such a terrible interviewer, but there's some interesting stuff in spite of myself.  The article should be out next Thursday.
  • Sadly, I'm looking forward to the finale of "America's Ultimate Love Test."  Partly because for some idiotic reason I've enjoyed the show, but mostly because I hope it means that I regain an hour of my life in the coming weeks.
  • More sadly, I saw the first episode of "Trading Spouses."  That white lady needs an attitude adjustment, maybe not of the variety suggested by Bob Ryan for Jumana Kidd, but something.  I can't help but think, or hope, that this woman is just those Asian kids' stepmom.
  • I'm also irritated with Fox for taking that title.  I drew a cartoon of couples having sex, with Trading Spouses written in the Trading Spaces logotype.  Hustler rejected it.  Too highbrow?  I'll assume it was due to my poor drawing skills rather than the lack of humor and creativity.

That's all for now.  Ciao!

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