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Monday, July 19, 2004
First, a fresh new Slant is available for your  reading pleasure.
Second, job hunt is in full swing.  Probable interviews in Chi and NYC in the next two weeks.  No word yet on on the grants here.
Third, Darrell Hammond interview should be published in the Tennessean next week.  I'll post excerpts here soon.
Meanwhile, on the weight loss front, I got as low as 207 10 days ago, which is about 46 lbs lost.  I'm hovering right now at about 210 though.  I'm finding a renewed urge to eat, and it's somewhat distressing.  Part of it seems natural as I've added weight lifting and a second day of swimming to regimen.  Also, I've started running for part of my treadmill time.  Even when you're running a calorie deficit, it seems like there'd have to be a time to add something to the calorie intake side.  The optimist says I'm adding more muscle, but you know I'm no optimist.  Will keep you posted.

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